Walk through the doors of Ivywild and follow your nose to the southwest corner of the building. There you will find The Old School Bakery and a team of happy bakers filling the hallways with the aromas of fresh baked bread and pastries. Our bakers arrive at the crack of dawn to create delicate pastries and buttery breads that are ready for your morning start, midday snack, or evening family dinner.

The Old School Bakery is committed to providing artisan breads and pastries using only the best ingredients. Our staff is passionate about providing healthy and delicious baked goods to the community. We will always put our love (the real secret ingredient) and commitment to our craft into every single product, and provide the most thorough education we can on what we use, why we use it and how it will benefit you and your family.


Our breads range from classic french baguettes, to crispy Italian loaves, to melt in your mouth brioche and everything in between. We take time to form bread by hand. Expect subtle differences that give each loaf its own uniqueness in flavor and texture. We love to try out new formulas, so please stop by on any given day to sample our newest creation!


We offer a variety of pastries to fit your sweet tooth. From chocolate chip cookies that will make you feel like a kid again, to comforting pies, to refined French pastries. We will have what you are craving. Our pastry team will create goodies that will keep you coming back for more and then some. We also offer a variety of special occasion cakes for any type of celebration.

The Old School Bakery is an open bakery allowing our guests to peek into the wonderful world of baking. Stop by and experience the warmth, smells and flavors of our home and take a piece back to your home.



Executive Pastry Chef/Bakery Manager

Alicia has been working in the food industry for over 18 years with a specialization in baking and pastries for the past 13. Her passion for pastries started at the tender age of 12 when she began baking and decorating cakes as a fun hobby.That joy and curiosity took her into various bakeries and kitchens to further expand her knowledge of all types of food and the workings of professional kitchens. She eventually ended up in Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts. After working in Charleston and getting her culinary chops in fine dining, she decided to move out to Colorado Springs to re-connect to a place she fell in love with as a child. Alicia began working for The Blue Star Group and from there the idea of opening a bakery blossomed. Her dream was eventually planted in the old Ivywild Elementary School where it has been nurtured and allowed to grow into a vision that started in the mind of the little 12 year old many years ago.


Head Baker

Heather started her journey into the wonderful world of bread as an intern with The Blue Star Group. It was instantly obvious that she was a natural at baking and was soon hired to bake bread and prepare deserts for Nosh. From Nosh, she broke off into doing just bread and began producing all the bread for both The Blue Star and Nosh. Heather was a integral part of developing the bread production program for The Old School Bakery, and continues to put her heart and soul into everything that is produced in the bakery.